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The Future of SDWAN – Gen 2 is Here

SDWAN is the hottest topic in networking today. On the one hand, analyst reports state that this industry is in its infancy with less than 5% adoption through 2017. On the other hand, the same analysts project over 50% customer adoption in the next 36 months. Why has adoption been modest to-date, and why is 10X acceleration expected now? The answer lies in understanding the differences between the first generation of SD-WAN (Gen1) and the second generation of SD-WAN (Gen2). Continue reading

The Enterprise and the Cloud

Is SDWAN a Two Horse Race Now?

When you look at the recent acquisitions of Viptela and Velocloud by industry staples Cisco and VMWare, it could lead you to question whether the SDWAN market is now only a two-horse show. This thinking couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Let’s look at each of these vendor’s strengths and weaknesses to gain a little perspective. Continue reading