Monthly Archives: December 2017


The Importance of Application Intelligence in SD-WAN

As we look at the field of SD-WAN we begin to see the importance of going beyond simple protocol and port recognition in achieving the nirvana of true policy controls for performance and security. First generation SD-WAN allowed for rudimentary traffic control via protocol and port identification in much the same way that it is handled via access lists on routers. This was sufficient for in house applications that didn’t change address ranges, or ports and could be statically defined. However, it poses a problem when being used with current and future SaaS applications that are constantly evolving in complexity and capability. Continue reading


Refactoring the Network

The fundamental shift of the enterprise toward the cloud has posed a conundrum for many. The largest issue is the state of most enterprise networks. These networks were designed for an era gone by. Their original designs could not foresee the coming of technologies such as SDN, SDWAN, Segment Routing, the Cloud and an exponential increase in bandwidth that have all happened over the past 10 years. Continue reading


The Network 3.0

During the past 3 decades, we have seen a monumental growth in networking technology. From RFC-1163, which describes the beginnings of BGP in 1989 to the cloud and software defined networks of today, our voracious appetite for bandwidth and services have begun to outpace the networking industry’s ability to deliver. Continue reading