managed services

Managed Services

There is a movement among companies to move to “managed services”, but what does that actually mean and would it work for your company? By definition, managed services is an outside IT support for your company so you don’t have to employ staff for 24-hour monitoring. The managed services isn’t just responsible for monitoring, but also for the resolution of problems for all IT systems for your company.

Although the IT support is the responsibility of the managed service provider, the decisions made are to follow the directives set by the company hiring the managed services provider and according to the terms described in the contract agreement. Thus, the hiring company doesn’t have to get involved with the problem-solving process, further taking pressure off the company and putting it on the managed services. This way, the company is not responsible for having a full understanding of what needs to happen, rather it can be outsourced to someone well qualified to perform the work and monitor the IT systems.

EFritzler Consulting based in Lawrence, KS., is a managed services provider for the greater Kansas City, Lawrence, and Topeka areas. We specialize in small to medium businesses who can’t afford to have a dedicated IT staff.

We also offer consulting services on Linux, Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper, Meraki, CloudGenix, and VoIP systems. Contact us to find out more information.